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Marvin Hudson Reviews

•Responsiveness: 5 Stars •Knowledgeable: 5 Stars •Helpfulness: 5 Stars •Follow Through: 5 Stars

From the high marks received, you can see that we are very pleased with what Marvin and Viewpoint Financial have been able to do for us. Professional, experienced, highly knowledgeable, efficient, while maintaining, in face to face sessions, a feeling that we were working with family. From initial contact to closing, (a day earlier than target date!) he and his very capable staff got us through, in our opinion, a very complicated process and made it seem easy. I can't imagine anyone trying to do this on their own and I can't imagine any one doing it better than did Marvin, Viewpoint Financial and his associates. The communication between us was timely and efficient even when conducted via cell phone when we were out of town. He gave us hope, from our initial contact that we could refinance and meet, even exceed, our financial goal! That hope has turned to a reality. Louis and Joan Hemmers

Marvin Hudson came highly recommended, and he and his office were a great help in getting our home refinanced. We wanted to avoid dealing with an impersonal branch of a large national organization, and Marvin's office provided all of the benefits and none of the drawbacks of working with a local mortgage broker. He and his staff are very easy to get in touch with and they are very quick to respond. Marvin has an extensive background in the lending field and was very patient with our questions and always provided options. Most notably, when it looked like our attempt to refinance was not going to be possible Marvin and his office did not give up and kept working on it, and when the market and the numbers were right he gave us a call and everything was wrapped up quickly. Throughout the process he and his staff was friendly, professional, and we always had the feeling they truly wanted to help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. David Glover

Marvin introduced creative financing options into our agreement which allowed us to purchase our home with significantly less cash contribution than could have otherwise been possible. Although we have very good credit and steady employment, the changes to the housing industry left us caught in the middle of making too much money to qualify for assistance and too little money to purchase in our desired neighborhood. However, Marvin used his resources and skills to obtain us an affordable mortgage at a price that made everyone happy. We chose to utilize Marvin's wife, Jan, as the real estate agent and she proved to be just as knowledgeable and classy as Marvin. Working with Jan was so easy and fun. She has an eye for quality and potential and she encouraged us to keep searching for the house that would meet all of our wants and needs. She was genuinely excited for us when we found our dream home and she saw in it what we saw in it. Jan has many contacts and was able to smooth the way through our negotiations with the seller and selling agent. She has a wonderful staff that is warm and hospitable with sincerely good manners and a desire to make their clients feel like guests in their home. We are grateful to Marvin and Jan and our thanks are renewed every time we stop to survey our surroundings and remind ourselves that we found everything we were looking for. Dennis and Jennifer Douglas

Dear Marvin,

I have thought about you many times in the last few weeks. Of course I am very pleased with your help in securing my refinancing. You were always gracious, kind, and professional in our dealings especially since they were in my mind so complicated. You guided me through a completely foreign field and went above and beyond the call. And Wanda is a valuable asset to your office.

I would recommend you to anyone and will do so at any opportunity.

Thanks for all your help.

Becky Shook, Teacher and Travel Agent


In October of 2013, my husband and I had the delightful privilege of meeting Marvin Hudson at Viewpoint Financial. We liked him immediately and realized at our initial meeting that he believed in working hard for his clients. His remarkable assistant; Wanda Cooper couldn't have been any sweeter. She herself worked day in & day out compiling all the information that was necessary for the loan application; covering all the bases to make it noteworthy of potential loan companies. Jim nor I ever thought it would be possible to own a home of our own once again with the financial obligations that we had incurred over the years, but I am ecstatic to say that with Marvin & Wanda's conscientiousness, determination and hard work, approximately 90+ days later, we became blessed to once again call ourselves; Homeowners. With the rules and restrictions that are now imposed on lenders & mortgage companies alike; as well as potential buyers, it's nearly impossible for the average person(s) to have the opportunity of obtaining their American dream. It's what most couples desire; no matter what their age, but for so many that dream is literally out of their pocketbook reach for the most part. Jim and myself are 2nd time married seniors. We've had our children; our careers & hobbies, and now in our final chapter, we once again hoped to be given the privilege of owning our very own home to enjoy and cherish with our friends, children and now grandchildren. So without any hesitation, Jim & I wish to recommend Viewpoint Financial; namely Marvin and Wanda, to anyone whom is in the market to purchase a home. Trust me, they will work tremendously hard for you also to obtain your own American dream. We love you Marvin & Wanda! Thank you for all your hard work. With all sincerity,


Jim & Sheryl Cook

Retired Military


"Just got my very pleasantly low taxes done, and was reminded that I want to thank you personally for the tremendous help and guidance you've been giving me all along the line. Wanda and Jan were great, too, of course, but you and I have been working together a long time and I could never have imagined better help and support that I've gotten all along from you. I've been reading up on the whole mortgage-forgiveness situation, and I'm impressed at how you kept working to make things happen for me and all your clients. Life is lovely in Sweden, and a lot lovelier for me financially because of you. Thanks for everything. Happy Easter to all. Jim Rawley"

Retired College Professor, Retired Military


The Janice Greene Team just completed a transaction where Janice represented the seller , Marvin was the lender for the buyer. This was one of the most professional lender experiences we have enjoyed. Marvin is professional, knowledgeable and his constant communication with the selling side was outstanding.
This transaction was a Fannie Mae sale. It is imperative in a Fannie Mae Transaction to strictly follow the time lines set forth in the contract. Marvin respected the need to comply with these time lines and it made all the difference in how the transaction progressed. Needless to say we closed ahead of time. I would without hesitation recommend Marvin to buyers who are looking for an outstanding quality lender. Looking forward to our next transaction Marvin!! Thank you


Patty and I apprecaite how our loan with you went - it was painless.

You certainly may use us as a reference.


Robert Hodges, Retired, Superintendent of the Redlands Unified School District


Dear Marvin,

Not many professionals in this business have the perseverance and stamina you showed in the successful refinancing of my home. There were many complexities, twists, turns, and frustrations. Through it all, you were resourceful, reassuring, professional, informative and always available to answer my (innumerable) questions. Well done, and a worthy encore to the two previous transactions you brokered for me. Many thanks and good to know you'll be there the next time.

Warm regards,


Kenneth Jordan MD, FACP

President and CEO, Jordan NeuroScience, Inc., San Bernardino



You’ve arranged at least three real estate loans for me and/or my family members. And I continue to refer clients to you. You certainly may use me as a reference.


William (Bill) McCalmon    Office Ph. 909-792-6765  william.mccalmon@lpl.com

Registered Principal, LPL Financial, Redlands



I'd be honored for you to use me as a reference.  You've served me well on two occasions.  Do whatever you think you need to do and just let me know what I can do for you.


William (Tut) Hewlett          Home Ph. 909-798-3722         Tuthewlett@aol.com

Retired, Lt. Colonel, USAF

Retired, Educator, Redlands Unified School District




Absolutely………how lucky we are to work with such a fine professional & fun person. We'd love to share our good fortune with others. That said, you have my permission to display my phone number & email address as references.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth Richardson    Home Ph. 909-798-6142   marybeth.richardson@verizon.net

Curriculum Program Specialist, Colton Unified School District


Susan Haney             Home Ph. 909-798-6142  

Educator, Colton Unified School District



For the work you’ve done for us, you may positively, without a doubt use Joyce and me as a reference. And for others we know you’ve done work for, we suggest you contact them because they’re sure to also provide you with the same!


Ron & Joyce Jeffrey        Work Ph. 909-792-2260      rjjeffrey@earthlink.net

Owners, Tri-City Acoustics, Inc., Redlands




Of course you may use me as a reference. For this purpose, I may be reached at:      cbeswick@inlandaction.com


Carole Beswick, President/CEO – Inland Action Inc.



I/We would be glad to serve as a reference for you. Here is my/our contact info:

David (Dave) Wilson  7459 Glen Oaks Rd. Highland, CA 92346    (909) 894-9040

Mission Pastor, Trinity Church       Director, Micah House    DrRevDave@aol.com


Dave and Lorene Wilson




I would be happy to support my fellow Rotarian’s business.  Please do use me as a reference. 


Patrick (Pat) Meyer     Work Ph. 909-798-4446  environs@verizon.net

Principal, Urban Environs, an Urban Planning & Design Company, Redlands




We’d be glad to provide references for you. Any such inquiries may be sent to our personal email address:       bbkolpien@aol.com.

Barry and Beth Kolpien

Sales Executive, Travelers Company and Insurance Broker, Davis & Graeber Insurance Services, Inc.




You may absolutely use me as a reference.


John (Jack) Burke     Office Ph. 909-386-1973          jburke@hss.sbcounty.gov

Business Systems Analyst, County of San Bernardino



Dear Marvin,

  Again, for the fourth time, you have made our home acquisitions a positive experience. The latest loan that you arranged for us (June 2011) was a learning experience as a result of the many changes in the mortgage business by the government and private commerce. Fortunately for us, you had thoroughly educated yourself in all the various nuances of your industry. Had you not had that very special knowledge, there is no doubt in my mind that the process would have been severly jeopardized.

  Without reservation, there is no one I can think of that I would not recommend to you. You may give my home telephone number to any of your prospective clients should you feel the need to do so. You are one of the most genuine persons I have had the pleasure to know and conduct business with.

  My wife, Caryl, said she wanted to drop you a note also, so that should be forthcoming before long.



Robert L. Lark, PH.D., Downey



Nowadays, acquiring a loan can be frustrating and baffling. It requires diligence, expertise and patience, qualities Marvin has in abundance. There were many times during the process when I would have thrown up my hands and given up, but Marvin's calming and capable influence kept me in the game. We are now in our beautiful new home and we have Marvin to thank for that.


Caryl Lark